Above the tides: Story of Ohris

Magic lantern documented the complete process of safe service provided by one of the best brands in Hotel Chains of South India. The project has shown details of the process meticulously, it’s a commercial documentary that shows the hard work of front line warriors of Ohiris.


Inception of the project began originally as a message from Mr. Amar to his customers. His idea was simple, it was to win back the confidence of customers who have always had great experience at Ohiris. After a few meeting and brainstorming sessions the concept of a documentary film emerged with a lot of positive vibes.


The challenge was to keep the video as short as possible. So we began our research by visiting all Ohiris out lets at few locations of Hyderabad. It was a beautiful experience of meeting employees of Ohiris who were at the fore front of providing safe service without whose contribution the process would collapse. After a thorough understanding of the process from farm to plate , the script of the documentary was submitted to the CEO for approval.

After which the whole video was planned in sequence and scene by scene to finish the project it the shortest period of time. The making of this video exposed us to many interesting things in the hotel industries and fascinating people with remarkable talents.

The complete movie was shot with no staging apart form the interviews but was rather a very organic flow of everyday routine at Ohris.

Directors Eye

Producing the documentary not just as a commercial piece of information; but rather a story of striving individuals keeping the business as homely and safe was a challenge. Little things that look insignificant but when you have an eye for detail they become differentiator of a good and a great story. It was Shubam’s desire to tell a story that would not just be a disclaimer but rather a heart warming invitation.

In Shubam’s own words “ I don’t sequence scenes to make a movie, I believe in story telling. Everyone has stories to tell, business owners, clients stake holder, we need to listen carefully to tell a great story”.

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