Acme Pizzeria - A Chicago Pizzeria

Food is something we all enjoy and cherish. Every possible happy event ends with good food. Every bite that brings nostalgia of old memories or create new ones has its unique story in the kitchen. When food tells its story it becomes more tastier. This is such video of authentic Chicago Pizza from ACME Pizzeria.


When it comes to creating a video content for food, it by default is a challenge. Off course food is not camera shy but it also cannot express itself.

ACME Pizzeria wanted to make an exclusive on authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, which is not available in any of the famous Pizza Outlets in the country. The process and the technique of making this tasty dish is a unique one. It was going to be an introduction of a new Pizza to the public.


We wanted the public to experience the process of making a new and beautiful Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in its original form and to know the story behind it. This pizza was first produced to meet the nutrition and hunger of construction workers in Chicago. It essentially had to be heavy, nutritious and tasty. ACME wanted to preserve the authentic tasty of the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Which means that the core ingredient like ‘cheese’ has to imported or made in the original method.

When we took this project, we really wanted it to last long as we were enjoying the hospitality of ACME kitchen, Pizzas Pizzas all around. However good things come in small packages, we had to complete the project in one day.

It is very popular to use high definition cameras to bring great videos, but we wanted to shoot a great video with just a mobile phone. We wanted to try out new avenues. Since it was a introduction of a new pizza so we thought lets us bring in a new type of video in our collage, so we shot the whole video with a mobile phone.

At Magic Lantern all our accomplishments are the result of passing through the fire. As a team we have welcomed challenges and new possibilities so much so that anything that doesn’t challenge us doesn’t interest us. When we took this project we wanted to try a new possibility in filming. We wanted to film this video with a phone.

Initially we faced flickering in the footage due to low light but failure is a great teacher. We learnt a lot about lights in this project, we had to accurately manage the angle of light to film the video. It was a great experience of learning.

Design Collatoral

There is a reason why food presentation is very important, because every meal you have is a treat to yourself and when it is presented in a way that makes it look special it really makes your day special.

We assisted ACME with all the marketing collaterals. We designed their Menu’s to packing materials. Since ACME pizzeria is a take out outlet, we wanted the packing to be really handy and special.

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