VIVO: Riding clouds

Branding video for VIVO mobiles, that tells the story of challenges, hardships and road to success. Its is a very inspiring bit of young professionals who took on themselves a task of beating a stereotypical consumer mindset. A very inspiring journey of five years.


Vivo is the largest mobile telecommunication company in the southern hemisphere. Vivo team approached Magic Lantern to tell their success story to everyone.

Their journey of 5 years, of tussle, restraint, exploration, learning, adventure and celebration of victory is a great inspiration. What a few resolute young men achieved is truly admirable.

The script for the video documentary was given to Magic Lantern by the team VIVO to produce it just as they wanted.

Since we had to keep the text original as was given to us we dedicated ourselves in shooting and editing of the documentary. It was truly an exceptional experience of learning. Story of David and Goliath keeps returning in different forms. This is one such documentary of Davids who brought their Giant Down

The Beginning

Meeting young professionals who wanted to prove themselves was very exciting. Our meetings were filled with emotional stories, experiences of failure, warm feelings of team support and memories of the small beginnings were quite enthralling.

There were other challenges that were both exciting and dull. Challenge of communication between Indian and Chinese crew would often bring difficulties is mobilizing and coordination shooting schedules.

Our brainstorming sessions with vivo lead us to capture raw footages of their daily routine. We wanted to keep the video real, something that shows them as they are. Running around crowded market places, meeting various customers, some blunt, some bright and a very few that make you do what you do again.

We wanted to capture streets that challenged them and show faces that were with them holding them strong in changing times.

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